Thursday, February 10, 2011

Meet the Staff and Interns!

Welcome to the Chico State AS Women's Center awesome blog!! First things first; Let's meet the staff and interns who work so diligently to keep the Dub-C up and running as smoothly as it does.


Jillian Ruddel

Jill is the director of the Associated Students Women’s Center. She is a junior at CSU Chico, majoring in Multicultural and Gender Studies. Jillian interned for two semesters her freshman year while keeping up with studies and other clubs on campus. She is the Vice President of the Pride/Safe Zone club at CSUC. She coordinated the first LGBT Leadership Conference on campus, along with helping in the creation of other Pride related activities.

Kimberly Edmonds

She is a junior, majoring in Political Science and Multicultural/Gender Studies. She was drawn to the Women’s Center because of Jill’s love for the work done at the center. She loves working with like-minded people to raise awareness and educate.
Fun facts: Kim has 7 siblings. She absolutely hates Calibri font, which happens to be the default font on the Women’s Center computers. The random things that appear in Kerrie’s hair always make her day.

Sharina Jackson

Sharina is a senior, majoring in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. She has a deep passion for feminism and working for equal rights. Apart from being involved in the Women’s Center, She also works with Rape Crisis Intervention, is the previous Vice President for Women of Excellence, and has been working with Safe Place since the opening of the office
Fun Facts: Her hair used to be orange. She is on the A.S. website homepage (check her out!) She has eaten alligator!

Kerrie Lione

She is a senior, double-majoring in Women’s Studies and Sociology. She joined the Women’s Center because she has a huge drive and passion for equality. Kerrie loves being a part of an organization that explores and pushes boundaries.
Fun Facts: She has an unhealthy fear of butterflies. She loves documentaries. She wants to join the Peace Corp when she graduates. And she has a secret celebrity crush on Michael Pitt.


Nikki Allair

Nikki is a super senior as a Women's Studies Major with a minor in Sexual Diversity. She enjoys working at the women’s center because of the amount of support she has received from this community of feminists. At the Women’s Center, she is surrounded by people who promote a lot of the same values about equality for people from all different backgrounds. She hopes to promote social justice through educational events as a career and working at the Women’s Center is a great starting off point.
Fun Fact: Nikki hates ignorance, peas, mayonnaise, and nuts (they taste like flavored wood according to her).

Jessica Arriaga

Jessica is a sophomore with a major in MCGS with Women's Studies Option. She is apart of the Women's Center because she has found an amazing group of people who have a lot in common with her. She strongly believes in the Women's Center Mission Statement and she enjoys being a part of a group that wants to help create change.
Fun Fact: She loves going to San Francisco just to take a walk, and do nothing more

Kaitlyn Azevedo

Kaitlyn is a senior from the Sociology department with a minor in Spanish. She really wanted to get active and hands on this semester so she knew that the Women's Center was the perfect organization! She wants to advocate human rights and gender equality, as well as help further educate our campus. She is very excited to personally learn more about feminism and the other ideologies supported by the Dub-C. She wants to see how she can help make a difference.
Fun fact: She wants to go to culinary school after she graduates because she loves to cook!

Hannah Clause

Hannah is an Undeclared first year student here at Chico State. She's an intern at the Women's Center because she is interested in learning about women’s issues and raising awareness on gender equality.
Fun fact: She loves to make daily to do lists

Chantel Edwards

Chantel is a freshman and a Multicultural and Gender Studies major with a minor in Sexual Diversity. She is interning at the Women’s Center because she saw their table at a school event and thought it would be a great learning experience and a good way to help the Chico State community.
Fun Fact: She can’t wait to move out of the dorms so she can get a pet snake.

Kathy Eytchison

Kathy is a fifth year Religious Studies and Women's Studies major. She wishes to be a part of fun, activist oriented, events which is why she's back for her second semester as an intern at the Women's Center.
Fun fact: She has a cat named Tuna

Kate Finegold

Kate is a sophomore English Education major. She's interning this semester because she wants to help encourage everyone to celebrate diversity. She believes that we should all feel comfortable in our own skin, and we should all work to respect each other's unique differences...because it's what makes the world beautiful!
Fun fact: She participated in the Prop 8 protests on the steps of the state capitol!

Daniella Galaviz

She's a senior this year with a major in Psychology. She's currently an intern at the Women's Center because she believes in being the change you want to see in the world and by being an activist you are standing your ground.
Fun fact: She's a vegetarian!

Lorraina Hernandez

Lorraina ( or Raina for short) is a currently a freshman with two majors in Math and Multicultural Gender Studies. She's interning because she wants to make a difference!
Fun fact: She loves dancing!

Sarah Mann

Sara is a 4th year senior. Her major is Journalism/Public Relations with a double major in French. She's interning because she wants to learn more about feminist theory and to inform and advocate for women on our campus and in our community
Fun fact: She studied abroad in France last year!

Lisa Ricchio

She is a junior with two ongoing majors in Health Science and Spanish. She's an intern at the Women's Center because she likes getting involved in the community and in activist issues.
Fun fact: She likes scary movies.

Rachel Robledo

Rachel is a sophomore here at Chico State. She is Health Science major with an option in the Environment. She's an intern because she wants to learn more about women's issues and to become an advocate for women's rights
Fun fact: She LOVES her planner

Meggie Schultz

She is a super senior and is completing her major in English Education and a minor in Creative Writing. She's an intern here at Dub-C because she wants to work with other like-minded individuals to bring equality to Chico State and the surrounding community. Being a part of the Women's Center is a way for her to make time to make a difference and support others in their desires to to do the same.
Fun fact: She is entirely incapable of rolling her tongue, raising her eyebrow, touch her tongue to her nose or doing anything else impressive like that. But she can cross her eyes like a pro!

Taure Shimp

Taure is a senior, completing a major in Communications: Public Affairs with a minor in Women's Studies. She's an intern at the Dub-C so she can turn theory into practice.
Fun fact: She can speak at 300 words per minute!

Abby Teicheira

Abby is a senior with a major in Multicultural Gender Studies with a Women's Studies option as well as having a major in Spanish. She's at the Women's Center because she has found a safe space on campus with like-minded individuals where she can go to help, learn, and take the steps to change the world we live in.
Fun fact: She has an evil cat

Nicole Walker

She is a second year student here at Chico State. Her major is Journalism (double option in Public Relations and News Editorial) with a minor in Women's Studies. She's an intern because she wants to help create equality and empower women which the Women's Center at Chico State allows her to do. This is her third semester interning and they still cant get rid of her, that has got to mean something!
Fun fact: She LOVES coffee! :)

Maureen Ventura

She is a senior in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Public Affairs. She is an intern with the Dub-C program because she has always enjoyed the events that the Women's Center puts on. She thinks it is a great opportunity to get more involved in activism. She also loves how it is a safe place for women and men to go. Not very many people know what the Women's Center does, so she likes to be able to inform others on the services they offer.
Fun fact: She will be walking in the Avon's 2 day Breast Cancer walk in San Francisco over the summer to help raise money for the Breast Cancer Cure

Trina Walker

She is a double-major senior in Women’s Studies and Political Science. She is an intern at the Women’s Center because she is a passionate feminist with a drive to make change happen in the world. The Women’s Center and the work we do there is part of that.
Fun fact: She has a slight obsession with mermaids.

Khou Xiong

She is a 5th year here at Chico State and is double majoring in Religious Studies and Asian Studies. She's an intern this semester because she went to a few of the events that the Dub-C put on and liked it. She thought that she should intern and help out.
Fun fact: Khou has six sisters and two brothers.


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